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About Us    |    Products & Services    |    Markets    |    Customers/Portfolio    |    Photo Gallery Home   |   About Us    |    Products & Services    |    Markets    |    Customers/Portfolio    |    Photo Gallery   |   Facebook   |   Contact Additionally, urethane systems are thermal shock resistant and provide a choice of high gloss, low glare, satin or flat finishes to lighten or soften the lighting of your environment. Like DecorCrete’s MMA product, the urethane system is available in the same 17 standard colors and 18 pre-packaged quartz and chip blends. Moisture Mitigation Services In many parts of the country, low water tables dramatically affect the success rate of a flooring installation. In many cases, underground pressure will cause moisture to penetrate concrete surfaces, leading to failed flooring applications and headaches for organizations looking to continue working. Before the installation of any flooring product including tile, vinyl, epoxy, MMA or urethane, it is imperative to determine the potential for moisture penetration. To meet the moisture mitigation needs of today’s organization, DecorCrete is proud to be a certified installer of one of the world’s leading moisture mitigation products, Koester’s VAP solution series. Contact us today for a thorough evaluation of your concrete surface. Concrete Counter Tops The biggest advantage of concrete over natural stones like marble or granite is that it is completely customizable; you can sculpt, mold, and texturize it to your desire. Countertops are available with unique accessory choices like integral drainboards, concrete sinks, and mosaics. Endless variations of aggregates and inlays are available to compliment and enhance your kitchen design. Custom metal and wood accessories like cutting boards and trivets can be designed and produced. Thepossibilities for creative expression are endless. You can grind, polish, stamp, or stain it. You can embed meaningful objects within it. The choices are tours to make. Call or email us today for more info.