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Copyright 1998 - 2011 decorcrete.com All rights reserved. Decorcrete Inc. About Us    |    Products & Services    |    Markets    |    Customers/Portfolio    |    Photo Gallery Home   |   About Us    |    Products & Services    |    Markets    |    Customers/Portfolio    |    Photo Gallery   |   Facebook   |   Contact Restaurants of all sizes are faced with a set of unique problems.Deteriorating infrastructure conditions are difficult for management to address without closing the establishment for an extended period of time, bringing about the potential for thousands of dollars in lost revenue. In addition to managing critical infrastructure renovations,today, restaurants are required to maintain slip resistant surfaces to ensure employee and patron safety. The National Safety Council estimates that compensatory and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents total nearly $70 billion annually. Due to a variety of conditions including wet floors, cooking greases and the regular introduction of cleaning solvents to the area, restaurant kitchen floors are more susceptible to decay than most surfaces. To meet market demand, DecorCrete offers flooring solutions that provide restaurants with decorative, slip resistant surfaces that eliminate the need to close for extended periods of time. DecorCrete offerings are formulated to cure in just one hour and provide the most durable surface available on the market. Contact us to find out why Jason’s Deli, Joes Crab Shack, Landry’s Seafood and others rely on DecorCrete to solve their flooring needs. Manufacturing and Industrial Complexes Today’s business relies on the goods and supplies stored in thousands of industrial complexes across the country. Inside these complexes, forklifts and other heavy machinery work to load and unload trucks, move supplies and coordinate the delivery goods across the country. Loaded with millions of pounds each year, heavy machinery quickly destroys traditional concrete surfaces, causing massive potholes, unsafe  working conditions, inefficient pathways and battered loading docks. DecorCrete flooring solutions cure to a strength of 16,000 PSI, providing industrial complexes with the strongest and most durable flooring solution currently available on the market. With 100’s of projects already completed, DecorCrete understands the issues industrial complexes deal with and will work with you to ensure timely completion and quality results. HOSPITALS, ANIMAL CARE, PHARMACEUTICAL FACILITIES Healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Therefore, traffic from patients, staff and equipment adversely affect the flooring of today’s operating and patient rooms, medical hallways, showers, restrooms and cafeterias. Over time, wear and tear may cause significant flooring problems that could cause unsafe conditions for thousands of employees and patients. Today, DecorCrete offers a slip resistant flooring solution that aims to provide durable, sanitary and stain resistant surfaces for safety-minded healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities. DecorCrete surfaces cure in one hour, enabling organizations to utilize renovated areas in a shorter amount of time than competing products. Find out why the Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical Center, the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, Conroe Regional Hospital and others chose DecorCrete. Contact us today! Supermarkets Today’s supermarket poses unique flooring challenges for those designing more functional and attractive shopping experiences. From high-traffic walkways and super-chilled freezers to butcher facilities and loading docks, supermarkets offer an array of opportunities to implement safer, more attractive flooring products. DecorCrete offers several flooring solutions aimed at addressing specific problem areas that supermarkets regularly encounter. From freezer products that are capable of curing at temperatures well below freezing to high-traffic, slip resistant coatings, DecorCrete professionals are experts in advising clients and installing products that meet the functional requirements of different locations within a supermarket environment. EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES Although most public and private educational institutions are only open between 9-10 months each year, schools remain one of the busiest facilities anywhere. Each day, thousands of students walk the halls, bathrooms and stadiums of today’s educational institutions. In addition to these high traffic areas, many locations within the campus environment such as cafeterias, bathrooms and chemical labs, are exposed to added contaminants. Over time, high traffic walkways and areas that regularly experience the introduction of chemical cleaners are susceptible to flooring issues.                         To meet the needs of today’s school, DecorCrete offers a decorative and                         non-skid surface to enhance the look and functionality of institutions’ floors.                                                 Additionally, DecorCrete surfaces are chemical and stain resistant, providing added benefits for surfaces that regularly                         experience harsh cleaning solvents. Contact us today to find out why schools in the Houston and Galveston school districts                         have come to realize the benefits of a DecorCrete floor.